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Reloskate for Warehouses

Pallet racking can now be moved safely and economically using our patented pallet racking skate system. Why dismantle when you can move whilst fully built?

Before you re-stock, consider redistributing your racking to create the optimal workspace.

Warehouse reorganisation need no longer be a major feat – PD Industrial mobilisation solutions make it easy, quick and effective.

PD Industrial provides a mobilised pallet racking moving system designed to be affixed to any type of racking in the UK and Europe. Our system is designed to handle fully built racking along with racking fitted with sprinkler systems. Single bay runs are also able to be moved c/w anti-collapse.

The PD Industrial skates are designed with a unique rack and pinion lifting system. It is this that allows the moving of shelves with such a small crew, saving significant time and money.

The skates bring greater efficiency, allowing our trained team to carry out projects much faster, helping to save you time and money, with less downtime for your business.

Designed to work with a variety of different shelving, the PD Industrial units’ versatility allows for an entire warehouse to be rearranged without the need for many different trucks or any army of workers.

Durability is a sure sign of quality and workmanship. It is essential to have confidence in the tools used, for safety and commercial reasons. You need reliable equipment that is worthy of the investment and will serve you time and again.

The easy way move gondola or racking.

Learn how we can save time, cost, hassle and disruption by contacting us today.

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