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Reloskate for Retailers

In a retail environment, reorganisation of the shop floor needs to happen quickly and efficiently with as little disruption as possible to the workforce and general business operations.

Our tailored packages provide the versatility you need, making the re-organisation of retail space and storage areas quick, easy and commercially sound.

Whether looking to remodel, optimise space, prepare for seasonal stock changes or create a more orderly flow in your warehouse or retail environment, PD Industrial can resolve any of your movement issues.

The skates’ simple yet effective design enables the relocation of racking without any need for dismantling – saving you time, hassle and man-power. We will even supply our trained, professional crew to carry out the work, so your team can continue with their daily tasks unhindered.

Compatible with all major base bracket design gondolas

Rack and pinion lifting mechanism is superior to johnson bars, bottle jack or hydraulic jacking systems

Each lifting unit has a weight capacity of 500kgs per unit (2000kgs per bay)

Casters will not mark the floor

Equal weight distribution along entire gondola run

State of the art lifting bar mechanism

Four points of contact add stability

Connecting bars stop damage to your fixture by preventing bending

The easy way move gondola or racking.

Learn how we can save time, cost, hassle and disruption by contacting us today.

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