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Relocate gondola and pallet racking the easy way.
We can cut project times by up to 70%.

Whatever the reason you need to move your racking or gondola, our brand new service will ensure you do it quickly, with little disruption to normal service as possible in a fraction of the time of previous methods

We have specialist equipment for both racking and gondolas, both of which can be quickly attached, allowing the shelving to be simply pushed into place.

  • There’s no need to dismantle the racking first
  • Gondolas can be moved without unloading products
  • The equipment has been fully tested in the UK and complies with all safety standards

Reduced Programme

Reduced Merchandising Requirements

Virtually No Down Time

Reduced Risk On Shift Completion

Reduced Disruption To Customers And Sales

Can Genuinely Reduce Any Enabling Works Giving Quicker Start Times

Genuine Project Cost Reduced

Value Engineering – Engineered Value

The easy way move gondola or racking.

Learn how we can save time, cost, hassle and disruption by contacting us today.

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