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We work to deliver results through our innovative methods to give improved cost savings and best in class FM service.


Are you facing an expensive Schedule of Dilapidation required by your landlord? We can help with your Dilapidation claim saving cost and hassle.

Rack Inspections

Periodic pallet racking inspections are critical to ensure a safe warehouse environment and comply with HSE requirements.

Rack Repairs

PD Industrial pride themselves on offering competitive quotations for carrying out repair works.


PD Industrial are proud to offer an extended range of building and maintenance services.

Design Service

PD Industrial take design for any size project very seriously as this fundamental step decides all aspects of the project.

Turnkey Solutions

PD Industrial can offer our expertise in stages from design to install with attention to detail no matter what size project you are looking at.

We can source and deliver products and services that will exceed your expectations.

​As a leading company in the storage industry, we are keen to offer the benefits of our relationships with the major manufacturers of materials handling equipment which ensures we offer you the best product for the job at the most competitive price.

Quality Assured & SEMA Accredited