Do You Require a Racking Inspection?

  1. Do You Require a Racking Inspection

If your business uses storage media then the simple answer is yes, you need a racking inspection! Racking inspections are intended to stop problems before they occur. Racking collapses happen and when they do, they can cost considerable amounts in insurance and time lost resolving the issues.

Every business needs an annual inspection and these should be carried out as stated by the HSE – by a competant person. PD Industrial offers SARI accredited inspectors only – allowing you to rest assured that our racking inspections are carried out in line with SEMA guidlines.

Depending on your particular requirements and operational status, you may wish to have the racking inspected annually or have the site inspected at shorter intervals if experiencing large amounts of damage.

Most people don’t realise that newly-installed pallet racking should also be inspected before use. This ensures you have a system that is safe for use, and can satisfy you that the installation has been completed correctly.