Relocation of warehouse racking

Moving your business to new premises can be extremely stressful, especially if the relocation is some distance away.

You still need to continue to run your company despite all the disruption, plus there’s the downtime to consider, and all the expense.

Which is why we aim to offer a service which is efficient, cost-effective and complete.

We were recently contacted by a firm who were moving 200 miles away, and wanted to take all the racking from their current warehouse with them.

So we set about dismantling the 15,000 pallet racking installation, moving it, and then rebuilding it in our customer’s new premises.

All in five weeks.

We also restored their old warehouse to its original state, using resin floor filler to make good any damage caused by pallet racking fixings, ensuring the premises were in a good state of repair for the new owners.

If you have a relocation project you need handling, whether you are moving down the road or hundreds of miles, need to move racking or reorganise storage in your new premises – we can handle the whole project.

Leaving you to handle your business. Get in touch to discuss your precise needs by ringing 01902 790003.

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