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Mobile Shelving


Mobile shelving is the ultimate shelving solution for the office, archive and warehouse environment. Mobile shelving will allow you to put twice as much into the same area when compared to traditional shelving.

Mobile shelving is extremely flexible and can be used to store almost anything. As well as doubling the storage capacity of any area, the mobile shelving system has a host of other benefits.

Mobile storage systems are designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval. Mobile systems allow excellent accessibility, whilst maximising available floor space.

Mobile storage systems are designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval.

Up to 100% more storage space

Maximize efficiency

Modular construction

Security locking options available

Mobile shelving has become essential for filing, archiving and retail stockroom storage. Space is valuable in all working environments, wherever you have space you are saving money.

Mobile shelving is also designed for an incredibly easy installation in any environment whilst causing minimum mess, noise and disruption to your working environment.

PD Industrial guarantees that rack installations fully comply with current European EN and/or FEM standards as a minimum.

Helping you find the perfect shelving solution.

If your company needs to add shelving or replace existing units, please get in touch. We’ll advise on the range of options available, and find the one which best suits your business, as well as taking care of the safe installation.

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