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Garment Hanging


Simple, streamlined ordering procedures, effective return routines, and a consistent and well functioning logistics system – all essential for business success.

As a clothing business, you’re under growing pressure to offer fast delivery times, have a low error rate, and exemplary customer service.

Optimise the use of your storage space and provide ease of access


Fast and efficient picking

Latest drawing designs

Organised stock

Improving delivery times

Making your warehouse more economical

A range of solutions

Our range of garment hanging storage solutions can be easily adapted to continual volume and stock changes, and ensure quick access to enable you to stay ahead in a fast market place.

Whether you’re a traditional retailer, or a new online business, we have the storage methods that can meet the demands and high expectations of your customers.

We are designers, suppliers and installers of Garment Hanging Systems that optimise the use of your storage space and provide ease of access to all products improving picking and packing times within your business.

What we provide

We can provide static garment racks as part of a bay configuration similar to Pallet Racking which enables us to design a bespoke configuration to suit your warehouse requirements and can be adjusted in the future.

Our Garment on Hanger Systems can be installed to optimise storage space within your warehouse. Walkways can be designed for pedestrian access enabling garments to be hung on several different levels. These walkways provide easy access to your products reducing the picking and packing times.

Other Solutions

Pallet Racking

Cantilever Racking