Pallet Racking

  • Pallet Racking Overview

    PD industrial is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the design, supply and installation of pallet racking systems. Our pallet racking systems are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety regulations backed by being competitively priced.

    Pallet racking systems are designed to suit your requirements and take into account your individual needs. Whichever system you choose you can enjoy the benefits of quality pallet racking that is the product of over many years experience in the design and installation of pallet racking.

    Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

    Easily installed, cost effective and versatile, adjustable beam racking is the most widely used of pallet storage systems and allows 100% direct access to each pallet stored. With adjustable beams, racking can be re-configured to accommodate changes in the types of goods stored and wide aisles allow access by all types of truck, making specialised handling equipment unnecessary.


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    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

    By allowing fork lifts trucks to operate in aisles of up to half the width required in conventional adjustable beam pallet racking, narrow aisle racking makes excellent use of floor space and maximizes the height at which goods can be stacked. Using specialised lift trucks in either ‘man-down’ or ‘man-up’ variants, narrow aisle racking is precision-designed for safe, efficient load-handling within tight confines of these space-efficient aisles.

    Double Deep Pallet Racking

    A variant on standard adjustable beam racking, double-deep pallet racking, as the name implies, allows pallets to be stored two deep but still accessible from the same aisle. By reducing the number of access aisles and using space saved to accommodate additional racking, a double-deep configuration provides a highly space efficient storage system.


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    Our Guarantee

    PD Industrial guarantees that rack installations fully comply with current SEMA standards. Whether installing, maintaining or expanding your pallet racking- our professional SEIR’s qualified installers offer a fast and safe installation. We offer direct labour costs, resulting in large savings to you.

    PDI, Plastico, 9th May 2011 (17)

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