Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Mobile Pallet Racking Overview

    Mobile pallet racking is probably the most dense storage option which maintains ease of picking with a conventional fork truck. These systems are powered and require the pallet racking to be mounted on carriages running on recessed guide rails.

    This pallet racking system is composed of conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases, powered by electric motors. This is an ideal system where space is at a premium and a high degree of accessibility is required. Mobile pallet racking  creates a more compact storage system increasing the overall storage capacity. This is achieved without hindering direct access to any item in stock.

    This solution allows usage of up to 95% of the warehouse space and is increasingly relevant in the drive for lower warehouse cost.

    Can be used to store many types of palletised unit loads – boxes, drums, sacks etc. Alternatively rack beams can be decked out to form shelving for high density “archive” storage.


    • High density storage
    • Savings on operational costs
    • Elimination of individual access aisles
    • All pallets accessible
    • Use of conventional forklift trucks
    • Maximum use of floor space
    • Increases your storage capacity


    Whether installing, maintaining or expanding – our professional installers offer a fast and safe installation.

    All of our equipment is manufactured according to the highest quality and safety regulations. PDI guarantees that rack installations fully comply with current SEMA and/or FEM standards as a minimum.