Live Storage System

  • Live Storage System Overview

    Live storage systems are exceptionally good when there is a great need for high density storage of the same items. Pallets or containers of goods are stored on a gravity-fed roller storage system that sits in a framework of pallet racking or shelving. The system offers the options of either loading and unloading from one side (LIFO – last in, first out) or loading from one side and retrieval from the other side (FIFO – first in, first out).

    Designed for areas in the warehouse with a large volume of picking, as they increase the number of lines to prepare, and remove the need for personnel to make unnecessary journeys when doing these operations.

    FIFO ( First-In/First-Out ) Live Storage system. This pallet racking system allows for pallets to be inserted at the on-load face and travel down gravity rollers to the off-load face for removal.

    LIFO ( Last In/First Out ) Live Storage System.

    The Push Back system allows for pallets to be loaded and unloaded from the same side. The forklift truck pushes the pallets into their storage location and they return under the force of gravity.

    Live Storage Systems

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    • Reduction of travel time between locations
    • Back-up stock can be stored in each lane
    • Large volume capacity of common products
    • Fewer aisles are required
    • Higher product capacity in the facility
    • Reduction in the time needed for order preperation

    Whether installing, maintaining or expanding – our professional installers offer a fast and safe installation.

    All of our equipment is manufactured according to the highest quality and safety regulations. PD Industrial guarantees that rack installations fully comply with current SEMA and/or FEM standards as a minimum.