Large Retail Dilapidation

We have recently completed a large dilapidation for the UKs largest postal provider, involving the full removal of a two tier mezzanine floor and associated picking systems.
The client approached PD Industrial with a task of full removal of the existing sites structures within an 8 week time frame. The tender process involved us being able to come up with a safe system of work and process for removal of equipment using mechanical machinery to allow the client to take possession of the building before its peak activity began.
Our contracts department worked alongside the clients other trades to complete this project on time and safely ensuring the building was ready for occupancy within the agreed timescales.

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Large Retail Dilapidation Image 1Large Retail Dilapidation Image 2
Large Retail Dilapidation Image 2Large Retail Dilapidation Image 4
Large Retail Dilapidation Image 5