High Bay Pallet Racking

  • High Bay Pallet Racking Overview

    High Bay Pallet Racking is generally in operations with very high quantities of pallets and those requiring a high pick rate throughput. High Bay Pallet Racking is a very safe and reliable system that takes away the need to have any personnel in the racking aisles.

    High Bay Pallet Racking serviced by cranes requires special arrangements for tolerances in manufacturing and erection. Perfect positioning and leveling are vital for such installations.

    The cranes are running on a floor-mounted rail and stabilised at the top of the mast by a top guide rail. The pallets can be placed “single deep” or “double deep”.

    High Bay Pallet Racking fully utilises your cubic and floor space, plus the stacking height for your goods is increased by up to 100%.

    High Bay Racking is nearly always automated. This means that the pallets are moved around the racking by pallet cranes. Some High Bay systems are as tall as 40m high, and can be configured single deep, or double deep. The cranes doing the picking will run on floor guides and are also controlled from a top guide rail higher in the racking.

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    High Bay Pallet Racking benefits

    • Utilisation of your cubic and floor space
    • Reduces need for more storage buildings
    • Reduced construction time
    • Easy access to all rack levels
    • Safe operation
    • Perfect for large article numbers and medium to high turnover

    High Bay Pallet Racking key points

    • Crane height: distance from highest point of the floor to the top-tie
    • Height of the bottom level and the top-level
    • Crane aisle width: distance between the front of opposite pallets
    • Design of the run-outs at both ends of the aisle
    • Type of top rail and its fixation
    • Crane horizontal forces in z- and x-directions