Every little helps

  1. Every little helps – especially when you’re a huge supermarket chain and want to make the best use of your warehouse and store space.

After four years of working with Tesco on behalf of other companies, PD Industrial were approached by the retailer to become an approved supplier of storage systems.

Tesco’s business was built with a simple mission – to be the champion for customers. By helping them to make the best use of their warehouse and store space they are able to focus on serving their customers a little better every day.

MD Darren Hardiman is looking forward to working even more closely with the UK’s largest supermarket chain, and helping them to streamline their operations whilst maintaining the highest quality service.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a company of this size and calibre,” he said. “As we are working directly with Tesco now, we are able to offer more competitive quotes, which brings obvious advantages for their business, considering the scale of their operation.

“We’ve already used our experience in re-organising their current warehouse layouts and storage systems, helping reduce their costs on large projects and re-organisations.

“Being an approved supplier to Tesco is testament to the commitment we’ve shown in ensuring we’re offering the best products, an unrivalled level of project management experience and in maintaining an impeccable health and safety record on site.”