Partitioning for warehouse refit at Norbar

We collaborated with construction firm Speller Metcalfe to refit a warehouse for tool manufacturers Norbar.

Tool manufacturers Norbar contacted us about plans to refit a warehouse, and we collaborated with construction firm Speller Metcalfe, to help them create some new manufacturing and testing facilities. The plans included incorporating a specialist laboratory in the warehouse, to carry out testing of precision engineering equipment. This meant some special requirements – the new facitilies had to be anti-vibration, airtight and thermally efficient.

The plans
included a

Industrial Shelving

Double skin steel partitioning is ideal for a number of different applications, from dividing a warehouse to adding offices and storage areas. Double skin partitioning was chosen for the project as it gives such good sound insulation, as well as being strong and robust, which fitted the brief for the testing facilities perfectly. It is also idea for helping maintain temperature and humidity levels.

The project took four months, and totally transformed the original warehouse space.

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