FIFO Bulk Storage Solution for a Food Manufacturer

We recently were contacted by a food manufacturer who needed to employ the FIFO for bulk storage mixed in with Drive-in racking.

We advised that Pallet Live would best suit their needs. This uses the FIFO out system, so stock is loaded in one aisle and removed from the next.

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Industrial Shelving

The type of racking you need depends on a number of things, but essentially, on what you are storing and how you intend to move it in and out of your warehouse. For items that can spoil, the first in, first out method is best, as it ensures that you use your older items first and automatically rotates the stock you’re storing.

Food producers use this system, as it helps stop older food from going past use by dates, which wastes money both in terms of stock and storage space.

The pallets are loaded on rollers, which automatically brings forward a new pallet when you remove the one from the front of the rack, so there is always a pallet ready to be collected.

For our client, this meant increased storage capacity, and ensured a faster picking operation too. In fact, one section of the Pallet Live system we introduced boasted a 32-pallet lane, which was ideal for their needs and helped make their operation really fast and efficient.

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