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  • PD Industrial - Mezzanine flooring

    Taking storage space to a new level

    We’ve been really busy with a number of different projects recently, one of which meant working on a new level – literally! Lots of companies find themselves in the position of needing more space in their warehouse due to a growth in their business, but without really wanting to relocate. That’s exactly the problem that […]

  • Latest dilapidation contract

    We’ve just completed a large dilapidation project, which came about when a mobile phone company needed to ring the changes and reorganise its warehousing. This led to the firm needing to close a site, and calling us in to carry out all the necessary work. Within a week, our team was on-site and clearing the […]

  • New contract

    PD Industrial is proud to have been awarded a contract to look after the on-site racking for the largest UK supplier of heating and plumbing products. This includes annual inspection of the firm’s 800 sites nationwide, using our SARI team of inspectors. Following inspection, PD Industrial will then be responsible for carrying out racking repairs. […]

  • Every little helps – especially when you’re a huge supermarket chain and want to make the best use of your warehouse and store space.

    Every little helps

    After four years of working with Tesco on behalf of other companies, PD Industrial were approached by the retailer to become an approved supplier of storage systems. Tesco’s business was built with a simple mission – to be the champion for customers. By helping them to make the best use of their warehouse and store […]

  • Pallet Racking Explained

    Pallet Racking Explained

    Pallet racking has become a must for most warehousing operations allowing customers to store pallets using the most effiecient use of space within their building. The basic principle of pallet racking is that it allows pallets to be stored in rows or on multiple levels. If you’re considering installing a new pallet racking system then […]

  • Puwer Explained

    PUWER Explained

    Warehouse pallet racking along with all other forms of storage equipment is considered as work equipment, and therefore must comply with PUWER. If your equipment does not meet the standards set out in PUWER then you could potentially be risking the lives of your employees, or exposing yourself and your company to prosecution. PUWER 1998 […]

  • Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

    Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

    Narrow aisle pallet racking is the space-saving option if floor space is limited, offering maximum storage capacity, fast accessability to every pallet and quick picking straight from the racking. The main advantage of narrow aisle pallet racking is fast picking without large aisles, resulting in better space use. This compact storage method is ideal where […]

  • Apex Linvar

    APEX Linvar Racking Partner

    Apex Linvar is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers offering pallet racking, shelving and many other products. PD Industrial has worked closely with Apex over the years to offer our customers a great product along with extremely competitive pricing. Our strengthened partnership has resulted in PD Industrial having access to design/costing software allowing us to […]