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About Us

Designers, suppliers & installers of 
industrial storage systems

PD Industrial is one of the UK’s leading companies with a team of accredited and nationally recognised storage equipment inspectors.

Our Guarantee

Expertise in product knowledge.
As Health & Safety is a statutory requirement, we undertake detailed risk assessments and method statements for all the projects we undertake.
Quality assurance is controlled within the scope of our quality management system of ISO 9001:2008.

and safety
come hand in

Expertise, product knowledge and safety come hand in hand.


We design, supply and install high quality pallet racking systems at competitive prices with safety accreditations.


All our products are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with recognised and approved safety standards.


We are committed to maintaining a company that offers professionalism and customer care as their first priority.

Professional and detailed site surveys

Latest drawing designs

Dedicated contracts department

Direct access to manufacturers prices

We understand that one size does not fit all.

From design to procurement through to installation and maintenance, PD Industrial offer a fully integrated service.

We approach all our projects on an individual basis including tailoring the product, design and installation to your requirements. We understand that the needs of a large warehouse will be different to a smaller industrial unit and will offer advice that is useful to your size of organisation.

Quality Assured & SEMA Accredited